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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm the newest member of the Supply Technology team, having come on board in 2008. It's been great working for a company who really puts the customer first. I love helping people and have great customers here. Working in our Headquarter offices in California just 2 miles from the beach is not bad either.

Born in Pennsylvania, I’ve lived near water all my life. Well, there was a short time during training and tech school in Texas for the Air Force. I was so unhappy there they shipped me off to Hawaii.

I love baseball and football and am very active in both… from the couch. If only they would listen to me!

If you’re ever in Southern California, stop by. It would be great to meet you. I look forward to working with you and showing you why Supply Technology is your best choice.

Call me at (800)767-7292 ext 607 or e-mail me at


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